[Pistol] ACI AR15 300BLK CQB 8in AR Pistol – $729.99

[Pistol] ACI AR15 300BLK CQB 8in AR Pistol – $729.99


[Pistol] ACI AR15 300BLK CQB 8in AR Pistol – $729.99

5 reviews for [Pistol] ACI AR15 300BLK CQB 8in AR Pistol – $729.99

  1. [deleted]

    Is manufacturer any good?

  2. GGuvroh

    Have a 10.5 upper from them, pretty solid for the money. The owner is very knowledgeable and can answer questions you might have on Instagram. Located here in FL. Full send

  3. IdyllicArcadia

    Seems to made of decent parts but anyone know anything more? Never heard of ACI and y’all always have knowledge bombs.

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  5. KingCIoth

    is 300 blackout loud with a barrel this short or nah

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