[Pistol] $1399 CMMG Banshee 300 MKGS 9mm AR Pistol , 2 colors available (Green, White).

[Pistol] $1399 CMMG Banshee 300 MKGS 9mm AR Pistol , 2 colors available (Green, White).


[Pistol] $1399 CMMG Banshee 300 MKGS 9mm AR Pistol , 2 colors available (Green, White).

17 reviews for [Pistol] $1399 CMMG Banshee 300 MKGS 9mm AR Pistol , 2 colors available (Green, White).

  1. kefefs

    All I want for Christmas is a Banshee Mk47

    CMMG pls

  2. ForgotMyOldAccount7

    I spent this much on an Aero EPC-9.

    Why am I such an idiot?

  3. LOLimpossibruh

    CMMG Banshee 300 MkGs 9mm AR Pistol Glock Mags MKGS


    Green: [https://www.themodernsportsmanonline.com/products/cmmg-9a1172f-nbg-816422025534-9a1172f-nbg-2954](https://www.themodernsportsmanonline.com/products/cmmg-9a1172f-nbg-816422025534-9a1172f-nbg-2954)


    White: [https://www.themodernsportsmanonline.com/products/cmmg-99a172f-sw-816422025565-99a172f-sw-2954](https://www.themodernsportsmanonline.com/products/cmmg-99a172f-sw-816422025565-99a172f-sw-2954)

  4. WolverineDDS

    I really like the white one, what’s the word on this one? Fun to shoot? Reliable? Aftermarket parts?

  5. jiggle-o

    Tempted to buy the white one for my storm trooper activities. I’m not a storm trooper yet, but with this…

  6. onken022

    I want the god damn 8” barrel!

  7. AcidCowboi

    Just picked one up. Thanks!

  8. kayl_breinhar

    Just an advisory from someone who owns a Burnt Bronze 9mm – CMMG’s cerakoting is pretty weaksauce. If I’d known in advance I’d have just gone with Basic Bitch Black, but noooo, I wanted something to match my anodized McRifle Mk1. -_-

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  10. Dogsport1

    These are very tempting. If the models that run on P320 mags would come in stock, I’d be very low on excuses not to pick one up.

  11. Wiggly_Sparklez

    I have one and love mine. This would have been a slightly better price than what I bought mine for. The bazooka green color is a favorite of mine. The hand guard is super small but if you are looking for a small AR9, this is it. Shoots accurate and glock mags are sweet. I put a geissele trigger on mine so no issues with the trigger.

  12. k_pizzle

    Damn, I paid $1700 for this sucker at the height of the pandemic.

  13. LlTER-O-COLA

    GD already out of stock. Can one of y’all page a brother next time one of these or even just their uppers pop up

  14. Rampanttr_th

    u/LOLimpossibruh mark it out of stock

  15. ExtraAbalone


  16. NoobShooter777

    Not bad not great but in stock. Wish they had the space gray

  17. Lavandeus

    Looks like a toy especially with that edgy Banshee logo on the side

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