[Parts]SB TACTICAL SBA3 $75 dollars + Tax/Free ship Cyber Monday deal

[Parts]SB TACTICAL SBA3 $75 dollars + Tax/Free ship Cyber Monday deal


[Parts]SB TACTICAL SBA3 $75 dollars + Tax/Free ship Cyber Monday deal

11 reviews for [Parts]SB TACTICAL SBA3 $75 dollars + Tax/Free ship Cyber Monday deal

  1. TPDeathMagnetic

    Doesnt get much better than this.

  2. ShJC

    Need an SBA4 deal, missed out on simmons a couple days ago.

  3. ilikepie145

    Does this slide right onto a regular buffer tube?

  4. theblackhammah

    Vendor GTG? Never heard or ordered from them

  5. ya_boy_gator

    Do they sell these in ODG?

  6. baunjoevee

    How do we know this isn’t a clone? And we’re getting charged double?

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  8. Jit2224


  9. VTPeWPeW247

    Charged me tax in VT, oh well the man needs to eat too.

  10. CovertLeopard

    Use a virtual card and disable it after purchase. I had $4k in fraud charges a week after my deguns order.

  11. jaykaypeeness

    If these are legit all the way back up to 75 bucks then I need to start selling SBA3 Style “Airsoft” braces again.

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