[Parts]Holosun HS407c-X2 Is 25% Off In Cart (No Tax Except WI, KS)

[Parts]Holosun HS407c-X2 Is 25% Off In Cart (No Tax Except WI, KS)


[Parts]Holosun HS407c-X2 Is 25% Off In Cart (No Tax Except WI, KS)

25 reviews for [Parts]Holosun HS407c-X2 Is 25% Off In Cart (No Tax Except WI, KS)

  1. itally_stally

    $168 in cart since he isn’t able to say it

  2. Infamous_Translator

    Damn good price

  3. AristoNYC

    Got one, needed a larger footprint. Need to sell my new 507K.

  4. Sure-Crazy3212


  5. BradyKissesKids69

    Good for extar?

  6. 731chopper

    $12.95 shipping to TX

  7. JackEstab0n

    In for 1, 180 shipped is the lowest I’ve seen

  8. wanttobeoceanside

    Been looking all day!! Great job OP!! Thank you!!

  9. Rjsmith5

    $180.94 shipped to Memphis. Great deal.

  10. flosho924

    407c is out of stock.

    All of the Holosun’s are 25% off

  11. Glass_Protection_254

    Almost got me! Thought it was the 507c X2

  12. Bcomplexity

    holy hell what a bin price….

  13. specter491

    This or the new fancy HoloSun/Primary Arms one with the Chevron reticle?

  14. dirtyboots702

    I’m seeing 198 in cart…am I missing the deal

  15. flosho924

    [We also have Ballistic Advantage Barrels for 20% Off (Add to Cart)](https://oldtestamentfirearms.com/ar15-upper-parts/barrels)

    [All Our OT Firearms Upper Assemblies are 20% Off (Add To Cart)](https://oldtestamentfirearms.com/ar15-upper-receiver-parts/)

    [Polymer80 AR15 Lowers/Jig Combos](https://oldtestamentfirearms.com/80-products/)

    Plus some other good deals on there!

  16. AdrianTheDrummer

    Is this for handguns? Or can it be mounted to an AR pic rail?

  17. Zastavarian

    Whats difference between this and the 507c-x2?

  18. bobsburner1

    Awesome. Been waiting for a deal on these or the 507. Csnt pass up this price

  19. ilikepie145

    Should I get this or pay a little more for a 507c?

  20. alienrunner1

    How are these under nods? Way worse than or only marginally worse than an RMR? I know the V1’s had some issues with not letting enough light in or so I heard

  21. ilikepie145

    So this is the old version?

  22. mattseg

    I’m seeing 197.
    I’m also trying to get 2

  23. CaliEDC

    Really tempting, acss vulcan is more tempting though.

  24. EmSus_4

    fuuuuu I put a 507k and an adapter plate on mine. I guess its time to start a 43 build.

  25. [deleted]


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