[Parts]BLEM PSA 10.5 $349.99+free s/h

[Parts]BLEM PSA 10.5 $349.99+free s/h


[Parts]BLEM PSA 10.5 $349.99+free s/h

6 reviews for [Parts]BLEM PSA 10.5 $349.99+free s/h

  1. SirLordWombat

    I own one and I’ve had 0 issues with it. BUT IT DOES HAVE MLOCK SCREW CLERSNCE ISSUES, one is the gas block and muzzle can preventing some screws on some parts from being added due to the thickness.

    IE You might not be able to add an mlock screw exactly where you want it.

    You might be able to get it to work by filing down the screw and making it much shorter, it then should be fine.

    I’ve shot 1k rounds through mine with 0 FTE/FTF and it’s a rack driver at 100 yards (furthest I’ve tested it).

    No it’s not chrome lined, no it’s not cold forged. It’s lockness pricedbwith a BCG.

    [I can’t place the light further up as the flash can prevents the screws from going fully in. further down the body on the gas block I can’t add MLOCK either. not a huge issues but annoying. ](https://i.imgur.com/fLQpj3G.jpg)

  2. ATF_Dogshoot_Command

    Get the 11.5 so your gun doesn’t beat itself to death.

  3. atxoptions

    In for 1, thanks OP

  4. Downfall_of_Numenor

    11.5 is the minimum I’ll go

  5. PigeonMilk55

    One of the most fun guns I own, great fireballs with the flash can. I’ll happily buy an 11.5 when this one falls apart from the wear and tear.

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