[PARTS] Zev Wedge Lock Rail 14.625” – $278.09 shipped w promo code

[PARTS] Zev Wedge Lock Rail 14.625” – $278.09 shipped w promo code


[PARTS] Zev Wedge Lock Rail 14.625” – $278.09 shipped w promo code

11 reviews for [PARTS] Zev Wedge Lock Rail 14.625” – $278.09 shipped w promo code

  1. IkeInTX

    Well that batch sold out fast! Good news is that a few dozen more are inbound from ZEV as we speak and they SHOULD be here as early as Tuesday (Jan 11). Possibly Jan 12.

    Sign up for notifications because a re-stock is on the way!

  2. Elterm1nator

    Prayers been answered 😤🙏🏼

  3. iMSoFuxkinqqqHighMen

    Is there a tier list of freefloat mounting systems? For the average person is this worth that much more than a MI/BCM?

  4. dswen17

    Need length for 13.9″ barrel plz

  5. wingnut5k

    SOLGW has a new locking mechanism that they say is more robust than wedge lock and they say itll be out in the next 90 days. They also have more lengths, like 15″ and 16.75″. I would say maybe wait for that if you dont mind and see how it is.

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  7. Elterm1nator

    Just snagged one ayeeee

  8. Imaginary_Ad_1382

    Sorry if I’m missing it. What’s the code ?

  9. Phrikshin

    Bot oos

  10. suckek

    If I ship this to Triarc, will they finish my upper build? ☹️

  11. Phrikshin

    2 left at time of posting.

    Edit: 1 unobtanium left.

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