[Parts] – Zastava M70 Scope Mount $110 + s/h

[Parts] – Zastava M70 Scope Mount $110 + s/h


[Parts] – Zastava M70 Scope Mount $110 + s/h

4 reviews for [Parts] – Zastava M70 Scope Mount $110 + s/h

  1. drgreenthumb12372

    mine is fantastic, centered perfectly

  2. BrambleVale3

    If you haven’t held one yet they are not bad but you are definitely paying $50ish for Zastava being written on the side.

  3. GrumpyRaver

    I ordered one a week ago and should be here any day. I’ll report back on fit but I’m hoping for this price it’s constructed well considering there are cheaper options.

  4. NewCollectorr

    I have one and took some pics for anyone interested on how it looks. The fit with the tension screw is great, holds zero and is nicely centered above the cover. No problems so far.





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