[Parts] Zastava M70 Scope Mount – $102.98 Shipped w/ Code: JULY20 ($22 Off)

[Parts] Zastava M70 Scope Mount – $102.98 Shipped w/ Code: JULY20 ($22 Off)


[Parts] Zastava M70 Scope Mount – $102.98 Shipped w/ Code: JULY20 ($22 Off)

9 reviews for [Parts] Zastava M70 Scope Mount – $102.98 Shipped w/ Code: JULY20 ($22 Off)

  1. GoNe2heLL

    Of course it goes on sale after I paid full price for it few days ago

  2. LiberalLamps

    Considered RS and MI yugo mounts are almost always sold out, it doesn’t seem like a bad option for the price.

    The promo code seems to work site-wide. Considering the shipping is $14.99 flat rate, might be worth grabbing some mags too.


    EDIT: For anyone that might come across this post in the future, received this in the mail today. Fit a ZPAP M70 out of the box, tried adjusting the clamp and ended up back at the original settings. Pleasantly surprised by the quality, it’s solid, and has the Zastava logo etched on it along with the T marks on the rail. I removed the 45 piece which was attached by a gorilla, those M-Lok bolts where really on there.

    Mount is solid when locked into place, if you really push on it, it barely flexes, and no wobble. Alignment looks close to perfect from the back, looking down the rail through the sights it looks to be fractionally off center, but that could just be the sights. Also looks ever so slightly tilted, but I think that could just be me. Sits a bit higher than I would like, but I’m not sure the MI mount is better and the RS mounts are 2-3x more. Overall, happy with the mount, but I’d be happier if it was $60-70 (damn canceled Circle10 order) instead of $100.

  3. [deleted]


  4. alonejog

    will this fit the PSA AK47?

  5. Scalce

    I think mine was $109 plus shipping a few months back.

    Did they raise the price?

  6. houseandtechno

    This or RS?

  7. TheGanjaCloud

    Can finally justify paying that ridiculous shipping fee.

    Kind of.

  8. bigpolar70

    Can anyone tell me if this will work with the rail on a WASR 10/63? The listing says:

    Compatible with ZPAPM70 and Serbian/Yugo AK side rails

    But the WASR is Romanian, if I recall correctly. I don’t know where to find out if they are compatible.

  9. thatguyyouknow75

    Anyone happen know if this would be compatible with an Atlantic Romanian ak?

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