[PARTS] YHM KURZ QD ADAPTER [YHM-3051] $51.18 When added to cart.

[PARTS] YHM KURZ QD ADAPTER [YHM-3051] $51.18 When added to cart.


[PARTS] YHM KURZ QD ADAPTER [YHM-3051] $51.18 When added to cart.

12 reviews for [PARTS] YHM KURZ QD ADAPTER [YHM-3051] $51.18 When added to cart.

  1. eclipsedrambler

    Figured a bunch of you schmucks are like me and ordered a Turbo k and R9 around last Xmas and they’re finally being approved. I grabbed 3 mini brakes, 2 kurz, and a neilsen device for $370ish.

  2. GarlicFartz

    noob alert, but these are only for full-time suppressed guns? Like no other muzzle device functionality?

  3. prmoore11

    Just be aware, some of us have experienced more back pressure with this than the standard QD. I’m actually curious to try the DT mount against this.

  4. matts290

    I am using Kurz QD and YHM mini brakes on all my 5.56 and .300 blackout guns now and have zero complaints. Nomad and Turbo K as the suppressors. Very short and light and the ratcheting retention works great.

  5. thecal714

    Thanks. My R9 will still be in jail for a bit longer, but this is still a deal on a part I’ll need.

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  7. Eleet007

    Ordered this and mini brake the other day in anticipation of Resonator K coming.

  8. Camanny

    Only on day 60 for my turbo k…. should i buy this now or wait til next year

  9. ForgeLT

    Highly recommend

  10. TheChance916

    Will this device or their brakes work with a nomad?

  11. twoandseven

    Still waiting for my Turbo K. I’ve heard that the YHM QD mounts aren’t recommended for pinning and welding. Am I assuming correctly that the same is true for the Kurz QD?

  12. Fantastic_Angle_699

    This or a tri lug?

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