[Parts] WBP Beryl Optics Rail (Gen 1) on Sale $70 ($10 off)

[Parts] WBP Beryl Optics Rail (Gen 1) on Sale $70 ($10 off)


[Parts] WBP Beryl Optics Rail (Gen 1) on Sale $70 ($10 off)

4 reviews for [Parts] WBP Beryl Optics Rail (Gen 1) on Sale $70 ($10 off)

  1. bradsredditacct

    Would this work on the Beryl they’ll be releasing?

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  3. Leroy_Kenobi

    This video goes over installation of the rail on your WBP if you’re wondering if it’ll work on your AK.


    Also to note for any new shooters who’ve picked up an AK or SKS recently, AoA also has UTG sight adjustment tools for $10 which is the cheapest I’ve seen name brand sight tools.


  4. Aerofirefighter

    I might get this for the two foxs i have. I’m assuming though with this on, there’s no way to co witness ? Would a low mount still allow me to see the rear sight/front sight post ?

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