[PARTS] Vltor RE-A5 – $46.50

[PARTS] Vltor RE-A5 – $46.50


[PARTS] Vltor RE-A5 – $46.50

10 reviews for [PARTS] Vltor RE-A5 – $46.50

  1. SmellsLikeShame

    Went with this, A5H3, and SpringCo Green on my 11.5 carbine, really nice addition. Do it.

  2. Slimmer_Fatboy

    VLTOR still has blems…$39.99


    Edit: Only if you really NEED to save the extra cash, otherwise support Rooftop!!🤙🏼

  3. Revolver502

    Just so you all know bcm offers an a5 buffer tube as well. It’s their intermediate receiver extention. Usually it’s around the same price as well, just another option if you’re looking to use the a5 system.

  4. CopaceticGeek

    Is $107 a good price with the weight and spring?

  5. BrainDraindx

    Every single one of my guns that’s able to take an a5 setup gets one. add KYN-RB5007 and Tubbs flatwire spring to slow down the cyclic rate if you like to shoot fast (frt-15 style). Cmmg 9mm, psa 556,6.5g and ks47 all work flawlessly.

    [Cant even tell from looking at them](https://i.imgur.com/ZhrQl03.jpg)

  6. throwawayifyoureugly

    Whixh is better: JP SCS, or Vltor A5 system? Or is it more subjective than anything?

  7. Crescentzero

    Is this good for with sba3 plus law folder? Or is the buffer tube from sba3 good enough?

  8. jl56288

    Is this worth it for my stock aero and cryptic bcg?

  9. gotnoaero

    spent a lot of time researching the correct combo for a dpms pattern lr308 and never really figured it out, anyone got the deets on that setup?

  10. 1parastoo

    I think you can use the .308 buffer tube with the A5 system. It saves a little money.

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