[Parts] VG6 Epsilon + CAGE Combo, 1/2x28mm and 14mm – $99 shipped

[Parts] VG6 Epsilon + CAGE Combo, 1/2x28mm and 14mm – $99 shipped


[Parts] VG6 Epsilon + CAGE Combo, 1/2x28mm and 14mm – $99 shipped

9 reviews for [Parts] VG6 Epsilon + CAGE Combo, 1/2x28mm and 14mm – $99 shipped

  1. walmond9377

    Schuyler arms has all of the VG6 muzzle devises for $28 to $30. No cage in stock right now but they go for that price also.

  2. thegenericchen

    Advice: definitely use rocksett (not blue or red loctite) for the set screws on the cage.

  3. GodKronos

    I know it says “not to”, but could you use this on a 5.56 AK for the 14x1LH? .30 cal should be completely find bore wise on a .223 barrel. Anyone have any experience with that at all?

  4. LeadAndSteel

    Happy Monday y’all!

    **EDIT: Price has been reduced to $85!**

    Too poor for a warcomp + warden? Well so are we! The VG6 combo does a great job at reducing recoil and concussion. Really fun system.

    Also, we got some cool new inventory in, check it out:

    [Steiner MPS Pistol Red Dot – $500](https://lead-steel.com/steiner-mps/)

    [Aero Beach charging handles $80-85](https://lead-steel.com/stoner-parts-accessories/upper-components/charging-handles/)

    [Azimuth Nitride BCGs – $99](https://lead-steel.com/azimuth-m16-5-56-bcg-nitride/)

    [KNS AK Gas Pistons – $135](https://lead-steel.com/kns-precision-adjustable-gas-piston-system-akm/)

    [Lead & Steel Complete Lower Built Kit – $175](https://lead-steel.com/premium-ar-15-complete-lower-build-kit/)

    Finally, our line of red dots has encountered a logistical holdup. Sucks because I wanted to bring them in ASAP, but the test units we’ve been hammering are looking good. Stay tuned! r/LeadAndSteel

  5. brian_reddit_77

    I’m gonna paint the muzzle brake red so my rifle has a red rocket.

  6. grassassbass

    If anyone is looking for just the cage. I found this for 52 dollars shipped. https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-cage/

  7. Severe_Lavishness

    What does the cage do?

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  9. ShishkaRob22

    in for one for the ak. thanks

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