[PARTS] Timney Impact AR Single Stage $99

[PARTS] Timney Impact AR Single Stage $99


[PARTS] Timney Impact AR Single Stage $99

6 reviews for [PARTS] Timney Impact AR Single Stage $99

  1. paper_killa

    Timney “Impact” is just a Rise trigger, similar to their own and all the other trigger brands made by rise also., which is like 90% of these $100 triggers on the market. Regular Timney is called the competition now and is a lot more. This one will likely be decent, but the basic Rise triggers are often $80-100.

  2. AlphaRomeoIndia

    If anyone wants one, add 1 cent to your cart and use WELC-5FFG-374_-LMMY. Missing letter is the first one in my username.

    Merry Christmas!

    (One use only, 10% off $100+. No ammo or firearms.)

  3. pasghetticode

    Trigger is good, but they’re a bit annoying to install. They reuse the regular trigger/hammer pins instead of anti-walk pins, and rely on a couple set screws to keep the pins from moving. Unfortuantely, access to the set screws is partially blocked by the trigger springs, and it’s a bit tricky (at least for me) to move them to the side in order to screw in the set screws.

  4. xCharmCity

    I’ve got one of these. It’s amazing. AMA

  5. MillsGG

    The straight model is also the same price for anyone looking.

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