[Parts] Threaded Glock Barrels $50

[Parts] Threaded Glock Barrels $50


[Parts] Threaded Glock Barrels $50

29 reviews for [Parts] Threaded Glock Barrels $50

  1. luker04

    Gen 1-4 for those wondering

  2. dmaxzach

    These are the most uncertain barrels I’ve ever seen

  3. xxxcrf450xxx

    These are made by BCA. Same as the combat armory barrels.

    *For those wondering

  4. etaccord

    Still wondering if these are good barrels?

  5. ginjaninja3223

    Are these combat armory barrels? I’m one of those wondering

  6. cheungms

    Flat rate $7.95 shipping

  7. terminalzero

    I have no idea what I’m doing yet; could I use this for an FGC9?

    Just wondering.

  8. Giraffecaster

    4150 chromoly steel for those wondering

  9. shinayasaki

    twist rate is 1:16 for those wondering

  10. VoodooLion

    What a wonderful thread

  11. BenderVsGossamer

    And they have G34 barrels in stock

  12. Nova6669

    In for one, science!

  13. mehoff88

    Never any love for the 22.

  14. TriggerFinger1

    I bought a Glock 17 lower pets kit for my P80 from KMTactical. Idk if it was the P80 or the LPK, I couldn’t get the trigger to work after several hours of trouble shooting. I emailed KMTactical and they accepted my return request without hesitation and sent me a prepaid return shipping slip.

  15. TheCat0115

    Still wondering

  16. 01000101_01111010

    Wish I could get a threaded Walther barrel for anywhere near this price.

  17. TheGrandManure

    So bueno or no?

  18. pipelineporter

    These aren’t OEM are they?

  19. Spawn_Beacon

    The location and caliber text make me think this is a BCA. I have one from Aimsurplus and it shoots fine.

  20. Straight_Program_26

    Any one know if these are gonna blow up in my face or not?

  21. thistledew_13

    Alright folks of the comment section help a guy out, who do you recommend for a threaded glock 22 barrel? I just want to mess around with what I’m calling me redneck race gun.

  22. bradus39393

    BUYER BEWARE I would avoid KMtactical. They sold me a garbage g19 slide and did not make it right. I had to buy new parts to get it just to function.

  23. TheGrandManure

    So bueno or no?

  24. Kentuckywindage01

    Needing one for a P226

  25. jaymassinello

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  27. JunkbaII

    does anyone make a G19 13.5x1LH threaded barrel besides Glock?

  28. DBMlive

    Hey I’m wondering..

    Is this Kommiefornia legal?

  29. Available-Grass-6799

    Any for the g26?

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