[Parts] Taurus TX22 Competition Conversion Kit – In Stock $199 + S/H

[Parts] Taurus TX22 Competition Conversion Kit – In Stock $199 + S/H


[Parts] Taurus TX22 Competition Conversion Kit – In Stock $199 + S/H

17 reviews for [Parts] Taurus TX22 Competition Conversion Kit – In Stock $199 + S/H

  1. Homebrew_Hero

    Fuck ya! Been waiting for this to go back in stock, thanks!

  2. Rottenmanjuu

    Buy this if you are on the fence it will sell out.

  3. UnpronounceableAlgol

    Thanks ordered one

  4. torchredzo6

    I have 700 rounds through this upper and I have had 1 malfunction which was ammo related. Worth the $$$ to upgrade your TX-22.

  5. BrutusXj

    Used the Competition model to dispatch a rabbit at 30yards, after running from me, on the first shot.

    Amazing .22 for the price.

  6. JackEstab0n

    I hope it’s legit i just ordered one. Website looks kinda funky though.

  7. Clifton1979

    In 4 one. Thanks!

  8. scubalizard

    I was looking at my TX22 just the other day and thinking, I bet I could mill out the receiver and drill/tap/thread the breach myself. Might not do the latter, but really thinking of making some speed slots in the slide.

    Also mounting an optic plate on the breach seems like a bad idea, as you have to take off your optic every time you want to remove the barrel for cleaning.

  9. Djvilla0401

    Will this work with the safety less frame model?

  10. JDSchu

    Dang, if this was in stock last week, I probably would have bought this and the standard model instead of overpaying for the competition model.

  11. AristoNYC

    I wish they would include a plate for the holosun 407/507 K.

  12. radionicist

    Didn’t know Taurus made these, so thanks for the post, OP!

  13. Ryan606Rev

    Damn, less than I expected it to be.

  14. HelpfulApricot

    Kinda bummed I missed it. Savages.

  15. batwik

    Thanks OP! Got one finally!

  16. DontTakeMyNoise

    That’s like the entire price of the gun

  17. whoNeedsPavedRoads

    Wish I had the spare change

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