[Parts] Surefire DS00 Tail so $90 + $7.95 flat ship

[Parts] Surefire DS00 Tail so $90 + $7.95 flat ship


[Parts] Surefire DS00 Tail so $90 + $7.95 flat ship

9 reviews for [Parts] Surefire DS00 Tail so $90 + $7.95 flat ship

  1. LuckyBuilder69

    Best deal I’ve seen in a while and actually in stock, stumbled across it while getting mags from the other deals. If you’re like me and got one of the 4th of July deals on scout lights, but wasn’t able to get the tailcap you wanted, here you go.

  2. nosnhojam

    Why did this get marked spoiler? Still showing in stock

  3. xamjz

    Man this is a great deal! Best I found was 105 shipped

  4. jl56288

    Why can’t it be tan/FDE? 🥺 anyone have a tan for me?

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  6. TheSchweez

    Not OOS at all…

  7. Eddiek2

    Sold out when I was putting in my card info..

  8. LuckyBuilder69

    Bot OOS

  9. Adolestine

    As someone that’s just getting into the flashlight game, what does this do for you?

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