[Parts] Streamlight ProTac rail mount 1 kit $80 (remote switch included)

[Parts] Streamlight ProTac rail mount 1 kit $80 (remote switch included)


[Parts] Streamlight ProTac rail mount 1 kit $80 (remote switch included)

14 reviews for [Parts] Streamlight ProTac rail mount 1 kit $80 (remote switch included)

  1. Milelongcock

    HL-X 1000 lumens on sale for $90 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1018571930

  2. Cpafail

    350 lumen model FYI

  3. commiezilla

    Get the HL-X its way brighter and only a little bit more at midway!

  4. Tylerdeedot

    i had one of these glitch out under no duress two months in. permanently stuck on low mode with new batteries, and the 10-tap functionality stopped working entirely. streamlight sent me the wrong light back when i sent it in for repairs, but they did then send me a brand new model and told me to keep the one they sent as well.

    just a heads up to folks on the fence about these. most people seem to have no issues with them, but MMDV

  5. FlavaflavsDentist

    Because I know there’s a bunch of light experts out there. Is there a decent weapon light that runs on a common battery? My guess is no but that would be nice.

  6. borneoknives

    flicker city

  7. gunner_freeman

    Can you swap out the mount on these?

  8. BlastingMolasses

    Shipping the same day when I ordered the higher lumens version for about 96$ total

  9. stabsthedrama

    Midway and amazon are having a bidding war with these the past few weeks. Let’s see if Amazon goes down to $70 lol.

  10. GodEmperorCamacho

    What’s the easiest way to get this on an m lol mount ?

  11. Legitimate03

    oh man my wallet is in pain. This week I spent way to much money. This thread is going to be the end of me.

  12. NHRADeuce

    In for an HL-X and an Arisaka mount. Thanks OP.

  13. FannerWix

    i bought the 1000 lumen version, it sucks bad. the light will “blink/flicker” with just charging the handle… very disappointed i have feyachi amazon lights that perform better for $30. never again with these “hype” brands

  14. jrico59

    ProTac is so chonky

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