[Parts] Steiner OTAL-C – $379.99 + s&h

[Parts] Steiner OTAL-C – $379.99 + s&h


[Parts] Steiner OTAL-C – $379.99 + s&h

8 reviews for [Parts] Steiner OTAL-C – $379.99 + s&h

  1. Trevelayan

    “Mom I want a PEQ”

    “We have a PEQ at home”

    At home:

  2. quitit

    Pair this up with the BE Meyers Kiji K1 illuminator and you have a very good set. Civilian legal IR lasers are good out to 500yds or so, doubt you’ll want to take that shot at night anyways but you’ll be able to see it at at least. And the Kiji K1 IR illuminator is on par with the MAWL-C1+ but for $700. So pairing these two up is on par with a entry level MFAL price point with vis/ir laser pointer and an IR illuminator. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/11/12/kiji-k1-vcsel-illuminator/

  3. JackEstab0n

    I like the idea of night vision but it looks like a budget set up is closer to 1800-2000. I have no history or gear for night vision.. What should I get if I just want to hunt hogs at night with a laser? Is headgear or weapon mounted the way to go? Do I also need thermal?

  4. IdyllicArcadia

    What’s comparable to this?

  5. PandaCatGunner

    Is this a holosun knock off or did holosun rip this off?

    Edit: lol damn people are Salty, it was a joke guess I struck a chord

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  7. Styx3791

    Just a bummer it’s not the one with the illuminator

  8. Edwardteech

    Well house stiener does love lasers.

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