[Parts] Sons of Liberty M16 Bolt Carrier Group, $139.80 with code ‘yeet’

[Parts] Sons of Liberty M16 Bolt Carrier Group, $139.80 with code ‘yeet’


[Parts] Sons of Liberty M16 Bolt Carrier Group, $139.80 with code ‘yeet’

17 reviews for [Parts] Sons of Liberty M16 Bolt Carrier Group, $139.80 with code ‘yeet’

  1. rooftopdefense

    Hey, guys! We’re somewhat overstocked on bolt carrier groups, so we’re here to slash the margin and give y’all a good deal.

    These bolt carrier groups are made to withstand a full life of hard use. Full specifications are in the production description, but for notables, these have chrome lined interiors with chrome lined gas keys properly staked. The bolts are Carpenter 158, shot peened, high pressure tested and individually magnetic particle inspected. M16 profile for all your full-auto or fully semi-automatic Rare Breed needs 😉

    We also just got more full-auto Radian Talon safeties, if you’re in need.

    If you’re interested in getting more product updates, or just want a cool place of like-minded people to hang out with, feel free to check out r/RooftopDefenders

    Abbie and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. TheAverageMan1

    Do they use Sprinco Heavy Duty 5 Coil Extractor Spring?

  3. minor_minority

    I know BA makes SOLGW’s barrels, is this also true for their BCGs?

  4. CombustionEngine

    Solidus did nothing wrong

  5. TheMamaDuckling

    looking to get a BCG but there’s so many and have been seeing these pop up often. Worth it or look elsewhere?

  6. Fuckreddit696900

    Y E E T

  7. AzGunnerzCustomz

    Love it! I’m a big fan of. SOLGW products – If I didn’t already have a couple spares of this BCG, I’d def pick up another at this price point – great dealer, and service from Rooftop

  8. markhoff1022

    how does this compare to bcm’s or daniel defense’s? Those seem to be never in stock and i need one for a .300 b/o pistol

  9. bewsii

    In for one. These are really nice compared to OEM milspec.

  10. osprey1349


  11. RedHotStratocaster

    Really good deal given the specs. Cheaper than the Microbest I bought not too long ago

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  13. nuckfewsom

    Do you guys sell just bolts?

  14. kLIMA-

    Does this one use Ocks fasteners?

  15. pauliep13

    In for one! Doin it for that sweet, sweet ramen!

  16. CaydestOfSixes

    Great price, great seller, great product. 10/10

  17. HGust95

    Feel the yeet

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