[Parts] SOLGW Raptor LT – $45 +S&H (no tax to IL, link in comments)

[Parts] SOLGW Raptor LT – $45 +S&H (no tax to IL, link in comments)


[Parts] SOLGW Raptor LT – $45 +S&H (no tax to IL, link in comments)

18 reviews for [Parts] SOLGW Raptor LT – $45 +S&H (no tax to IL, link in comments)

  1. KT515

    My credit card in Palpatine voice: Help me…I’m weak

    Goes to r/gundeals: UN-LIMITED POWAH!

  2. tyraywilson

    Yall remember the 2 for 70 w/free shipping deal from SOLGW?

  3. PlzNotThePupper


    Wouldn’t allow me to post with the link, but this is a great deal for a Raptor LT and you usually get some swag with it.

  4. A_Blanco_45

    Damn – good deal. $55 shipped

  5. mzlapq9001

    not enough skulls for me

  6. Darnold86

    These will be gone quick

  7. Gobells12785

    $9 shipping to ca

  8. Clarity42

    As mentioned, ordered 4 days ago. Yet to receive any shipping confirmation.

  9. there_is-no-spoon

    Ordered mine from them 4 days ago. Hasn’t shipped yet.

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  11. midnightmk4

    Was just thinking about this. In for one

  12. Ev3d11

    In for two, thanks OP.

  13. fir3m3dic

    In for one. Thanks OP

  14. grassassbass

    Got one thanks for posting

  15. BowserB13

    Does this site do discount codes ever? I have my eye on a few other things there, but I think the deals at other spots are going to swing me for me today.

  16. mr_buildmore

    Is this BIN or will these filter back around eventually?

  17. Existing_Flow7762

    How does the LT compare to the non-LT version? Thanks

  18. Jacuben

    In for 2, thanks!

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