[PARTS] SOLGW NOX KEYMO 556 – $79.95 +T/SH

[PARTS] SOLGW NOX KEYMO 556 – $79.95 +T/SH


[PARTS] SOLGW NOX KEYMO 556 – $79.95 +T/SH

10 reviews for [PARTS] SOLGW NOX KEYMO 556 – $79.95 +T/SH

  1. midnightmk4

    Good deal. If I was still getting a sandman k instead of a turbo k I would definitely jump on it

  2. JackEstab0n

    Now to put this on the pws mod 2 and a dead air sandman… its all coming together

  3. irishgrad51

    I know this will get me to 16” if I put this on a 13.9” barrel for P&W. Will this also work on a 13.7” barrel or will I still have to use a couple of shims to reach 16”?

  4. Neoliberal_Boogeyman

    mine does not work with my nomad 30, just a heads up, ymmv

  5. DeepfriedCrustyAnus

    Pretty much BIN. These go for 80+ on gafs, and have been scarce for a bit now

  6. cz97

    effective for an 11″ barrel?

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  8. Benril-Sathir

    Great flashcomp, I loved it. Just check suppressor compatibility.

  9. OcelotPrize

    They make this for .30 cal?

  10. ImGundy

    Thanks OP, just ordered one!

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