[PARTS] Slide Evo for CZ Scorpion (in stock alert) – $190.00

[PARTS] Slide Evo for CZ Scorpion (in stock alert) – $190.00


[PARTS] Slide Evo for CZ Scorpion (in stock alert) – $190.00

14 reviews for [PARTS] Slide Evo for CZ Scorpion (in stock alert) – $190.00

  1. MrAnachronist

    For the record, I bought this the last time it was in stock, on February 27. It shipped today.

  2. sneak36

    First post on GD, please take it easy on me.


    The SLIDE EVO is basically the bolt for the CZ Scorpion, combine this with a lower, a barrel, and some filament from an Ender 3 or any other printer and you’ve got yourself a fancy neon rainbow puke colored catastrophe


    For those interested, feel free to google AWCY Scorpion (or YouTube for those more inclined to watching videos)

  3. Chago04

    Got one. AWCY HERE WE COME!!

  4. 86gwrhino

    ender go brrrr

  5. Chago04

    They also have trigger packs for $250.

  6. Pitt2k4

    What am I looking at here? Not much description on the site …

  7. jhizzzzzz

    I spent $600 and its not even noon can I get an f

  8. GrapefruitConcussion


  9. RampageDeluxxe

    The hell? I had one backordered for months and it still hasn’t shipped

  10. PeanutButterNipple


    Now someone point me to da barrel

  11. JkalaCC

    I signed up for email notifications on 3 seperate emails and have been waiting months and still didn’t get notified.

  12. HardD99

    What is this?

  13. sneak36

    Bot oos

  14. AlligatorBlowjob


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