[Parts] Sionics NP3 BCG + Enhanced Lower Parts Kit – Bundle – $289.95-$329.90 (In Stock)

[Parts] Sionics NP3 BCG + Enhanced Lower Parts Kit – Bundle – $289.95-$329.90 (In Stock)


[Parts] Sionics NP3 BCG + Enhanced Lower Parts Kit – Bundle – $289.95-$329.90 (In Stock)

27 reviews for [Parts] Sionics NP3 BCG + Enhanced Lower Parts Kit – Bundle – $289.95-$329.90 (In Stock)

  1. Paul-Harrell

    You will never get this you will never get this

  2. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    u/puregentlemen1911 u/crackpipe1 u/ABlackEngineer

  3. NoobShooter777

    I dont know if its just me but link wont open for me

  4. Action3xpress

    Hey happy Saturday everyone!

    Not a deal, but I know people have been waiting for this to drop. One of the better bolts in the game with some nice upgrades over a standard bolt. Can’t get just the bolt, would need to buy the whole bundle. But I have heard good things about the LPK / FCG so if you need those too then send it!

    SOTAR has a great video here of the FCD bolt which comes from Sionics:


  5. crogers528

    I think y’all broke the sight I’ve been trying to get through for the past hour and no luck

  6. Chuynh2219

    Amazing BCG

  7. TheRealRaceMiller

    This maybe the way to make sure the bots dont get them all. Have a webserver that cant handle the load and resets itself so its more a lottery if you get one.

  8. Just_Glassing

    Took me several hours of trying randomly, but I got one.

  9. ifighttheair

    Finally managed to snag one after 3 hours

  10. ifighttheair

    Anyone else getting a mystery error after trying to click place order???

  11. theycallmeLITTLE

    C’mon, do something!

  12. TheFez531

    Score! Took about 20 minutes. 2 left in stock. Thanks OP!

  13. ncmav

    Got two on accident

  14. Paul-Harrell

    STILL broke wot

  15. crogers528

    3 hours later I finally got through and got order confirmation thanks op

  16. WarriorBC

    I got one of these a few months back. It’s amazing, I want one for all my guns now.

  17. Strange_Question_881

    Finally was able to order, thank you op.

  18. inventurous

    I bought one just because y’all seem so excited about it. Guess I could start thinking about building out one of the MARS-L lowers I picked up since the ebcg is so hard to come by. Now just need a KAC 11.5” upper haha.

    Starting to think I should have just picked up the Radian posted yesterday and sold the LMT.

  19. romang12

    I wish they sell these without lpk, I don’t need lpk at all.

  20. aquabear215

    How’s the enhanced 2 stage trigger? Worth the extra 35 greenbacks?

  21. Action3xpress

    Bot OOS

  22. ifighttheair

    how long does it take to get a confirmation email

  23. ThatOrdinary

    NP3 is my second favorite BCG treatment/coating (I have this exact BCG). After Geissele nanoweapon.

    And yes 4 hours later the site still doesn’t work

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  25. Apprehensive-Slice14

    How does this compare to Cryptic Coatings?

  26. 532ndsof

    Thoughts on NP3 vs chrome?

  27. sam7goldcup

    Do you guys know if this one has the sionics symbol engraved??

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