[Parts] SilencerCo After Christmas Sale – 30-45% off everything + free S/H >$100

[Parts] SilencerCo After Christmas Sale – 30-45% off everything + free S/H >$100


[Parts] SilencerCo After Christmas Sale – 30-45% off everything + free S/H >$100

22 reviews for [Parts] SilencerCo After Christmas Sale – 30-45% off everything + free S/H >$100

  1. f22aperture

    The general Christmas sale is 30% off everything in their online store (sorry, not 45% off suppressors), but I was able to stack the code “welcome2022” for an additional 15% off *the original price*
    *edit apparently this is dead now.
    *edit2 maybe not?
    *edit3 It’s limited to one use/account, but is still active!

  2. B34Z7

    I need a dead air sale like this

  3. bub117

    $76 shipped for a threaded G19 barrel. Not too shabby if you need a threaded barrel.

  4. hitemlow

    They have a Maxim 50 fill tube in the parts selection, but no Maxim 50s even though they’re not firearms. Apparently they have no plans to make more, so hopefully one of the four people with one sees the sale.

  5. barbiejet

    suppressor company offers 30%-45% off everything.

    except suppressors

  6. mike2182

    Thank you my total went from $336 to $184!

    I sent it on a 1/2×28 xl piston since I wanted to use my incarcerated omega on my 92x rdo. Will the xl piston work on my Glock 19 as well?

  7. Enterprise5

    Best I can tell the WELCOME2022 coupon works one time per account. Still working as of now.

  8. Chago04

    Too bad no P320 threaded barrels

  9. EngineerAl3x94

    Welcome2022 is a one time use per account code

  10. ShimmyShimmyYaw

    Hell yea welcome2022 works!

    Thanks op!!!!!!

  11. ete203

    63.45 shipped for high temp cover with the welcome2022 code. Thanks!

  12. Dontnevertouchmeh

    Question for anyone here: I have an octane 9 that I shoot on a Glock and cz75, so I have the piston and spring for that. I also want to shoot it on my scorpion. Do I just need to buy a fixed barrel spacer for this and call it a day? Thanks!

  13. JeNeSaisPasToo2

    BassPro had an Osprey45 for $349 today and Sparrows for $160.

  14. GucciCaliber

    Given ATF’s turn around times the code should be “welcome2023”

  15. metaljug

    15 percent code dead. Thank you, was able to order barrel while it lasted.

  16. Fireflair_kTreva

    It’d be so much nicer if they actually had silencers listed on their site. I’ve been on the hunt for a Tomcat for my M4-22.

  17. dirtymaximusprime

    Good looking out! Got to buy stuff I’d been eyeing for awhile but thought was too pricey and didn’t need. Yee yee!

    And the welcome2022 code stacked!

  18. betancourt001

    In for 2 muzzle devices for 108 shipped. Makes me regret trying out the lantac dragon but hey you win some you lose some

  19. gebsmith

    In for a piston and a cover. 30% + 15% off makes these prices great!

  20. mk18_throwaway

    3-lug muzzle device and high temp cover for $101.75 shipped with welcome2022 code, screaming deal thanks op

  21. Traditional_Ad_6610

    They have 9mm 3 lug muzzle device but not 3 lug mount. Argh.

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