[Parts] Sig Sauer Slide Assembly P226 MK25, 9mm, 4.4″ BBL – $289.99 + Free Shipping

[Parts] Sig Sauer Slide Assembly P226 MK25, 9mm, 4.4″ BBL – $289.99 + Free Shipping


[Parts] Sig Sauer Slide Assembly P226 MK25, 9mm, 4.4″ BBL – $289.99 + Free Shipping

20 reviews for [Parts] Sig Sauer Slide Assembly P226 MK25, 9mm, 4.4″ BBL – $289.99 + Free Shipping

  1. Shady14

    Where would one get a frame for this?

  2. Entropy1866

    Fantastic price for this complete MK25 9mm slide. This is BIN, no hesitation, if you’re looking to flesh out available calibers for your P226 platform.

  3. Brehmes

    Unless I’m mistaken, this is a stupidly good deal for a complete slide, barrel, and recoil spring. BIN as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Hurricaneshand

    This seems… like an insane deal

  5. bobsburner1

    Grabbed one the other day to swap out my .40 sw slide. Haven’t fired it yet, but everything functions as it should.

  6. Dave_A_Computer

    Can I throw this on my 226 Tribal elite frame?

  7. Sharp_Oral

    Well shit. in for one.

  8. MF_MotherFather

    Amazing deal, thanks!

  9. Disposable-01

    The little impractical demon on my shoulder says to get this and swap out the FDE slide on my desert model for that sexy two-tone look…

    …the one on the other shoulder says to get this and a surplus .40 frame so I can dual wield instead.

  10. AdamIsLegit

    Stupid question are these pull offs of complete firearms or are they conversion slides?

  11. Bm7465

    Woo! Needed a slide for a spare P226 ASE frame I had.

  12. buck_fugler

    I paid $420 for one of these on ebay a few months ago, and I thought I got a deal.

  13. opsec-919

    I had a leo trade in 226R I bought it for about 400, this will go perfectly with it

  14. Motorboatinsumbish

    are the old west German 226 frames with no rail compatible with these slides?

  15. realityflicks

    Is this not kind of bananas?

    I get that the improvements of the mk. 25 are mostly pointless, but they run for like $1000.

  16. Herpes_hurricane

    I’m not very familiar with sig but I have an FCU. Is there a module for the 226 that the 320 FCU will work on?

    Edit: lol really?

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  18. Icebergaheadchauncey

    These wouldn’t work on an 80’s west German frame would they?

  19. [deleted]


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