[parts] sig 365 XL grip (convert 365 to 365X) $48.99 optics planet

[parts] sig 365 XL grip (convert 365 to 365X) $48.99 optics planet


[parts] sig 365 XL grip (convert 365 to 365X) $48.99 optics planet

11 reviews for [parts] sig 365 XL grip (convert 365 to 365X) $48.99 optics planet

  1. SRSix

    I really wish they’d include a magazine with these, or at least a base pad to convert one of the pinky extension 12 rounders.

  2. Logizyme

    I usually carry my 365 with the 12’rd, but I’m still waiting for them to remove the beavertail before I convert to the XL grip.

  3. superkuper

    I know you can buy drop in fcu for these, any cost advantage to building it from parts?

  4. liquidpanthers

    No manual safety cut?

  5. jon4rd

    Has anybody stippled or had the FDE grip module stippled on any sig grip modules? I might just get this to try my hand at stippling a grip or send it off to get stippled. I’ve only seen black grip modules done though so I don’t know if the FDE is any different

  6. Logizyme

    FYI a 365X is a 365 with the X-series trigger

    This ain’t no glock 43 haha

  7. the_bakeshow

    Is converting a non CL to this as simple as pushing out some roll pins and moving parts over?

  8. jerebediah

    In for 1 thank you. Had $29 optic bucks expiring used those. Now I need to figure out how to add polymer to one like boresight, Because I can’t afford $400 for their modified grip.

  9. l0tec6

    Don’t support opticsplanet.

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