[Parts] Schmid Ambi Safety Selector – $17 shipped (price in cart)

[Parts] Schmid Ambi Safety Selector – $17 shipped (price in cart)


[Parts] Schmid Ambi Safety Selector – $17 shipped (price in cart)

10 reviews for [Parts] Schmid Ambi Safety Selector – $17 shipped (price in cart)

  1. Anonymous7k

    I have one of these, it’s a decent quality ambi safety, didn’t have any issues with mine.

    The throw levers are I think both the standard milspec length on both sides, whereas a lot of ambi safeties are shorter on one or both sides, so some may be bothered by that.

  2. aerozona_dude

    Got 2 thanks

  3. MrSelfDestructXX

    Just a heads up – Schmidt is the OEM for a bunch of brands you may already own…

  4. chuckisduck

    I personally like the Joe Bob $15 special [JBO-15](https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/JBO-AR-15-Ambidextrous-Safety-Selector-p/jb-ambi-safety.htm) 60 and 90, short and long one. Only downside to me is if you wanted all your groups nitrated instead of phosphated.

  5. covid_cough

    Thanks Im in for one

  6. Hellagen

    Why do lpk’s never come with ambi safety’s

  7. ErgoPsych

    Thanks op!

    Been looking for a nice full length ambi safety

  8. midnightmk4

    In for one

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  10. TheChance916

    Is the phosphate of nitride?

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