[Parts] sa bleed adjustable gas block $83

[Parts] sa bleed adjustable gas block $83


[Parts] sa bleed adjustable gas block $83

5 reviews for [Parts] sa bleed adjustable gas block $83

  1. silvaliningplaymaker

    This has been my favorite upgrade that I’ve done to my uppers. My Faxon Pencil was really over gassed from the factory but I was able to tame it with this.

  2. edwardphonehands

    I use this brand but think the vent is a gimmick to avoid patent infringement against the company that costs $10 more (and is less often in stock). I asked them how I should decide whether to use their vent or non-vent feature and got no explanation.

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  4. lswins

    These are great on 5.56 but not so great on 308

  5. iloveshooting

    How well do these work for suppressed 5.56? I’m trying to decide between this and wojtek arcto

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