[Parts] Russian Molot PPSH-41 Kits WW2 – $689

[Parts] Russian Molot PPSH-41 Kits WW2 – $689


[Parts] Russian Molot PPSH-41 Kits WW2 – $689

14 reviews for [Parts] Russian Molot PPSH-41 Kits WW2 – $689

  1. Direct-Ad-7330

    damn you Ronald McDonald for the ‘86 ban

  2. joeeee321

    If you buy this you should know your going to need to spend Atleast 150$ on a barrel and you should also be a good welder and metal worker. A mill and a lathe along with know how is required. Also going to have to do a lot of research and be prepared for a lot of trial and error. They can be converted to semi and they can have a barrel extension added but this will be way more than many people are going to be willing to put into this.

  3. Mc_squawk_box

    I’m about as smart as the smartest atf agent, so basically I’m a retard. How hard would this be for me to do?

  4. guyfake

    Look how they massacred my boy


  5. bradsredditacct

    How much is it to get it built?

  6. enixthephoenix

    They also have blems for $499 if that makes it a more worthwhile endeavor for anyone

  7. grumblebear42

    What tools/parts are needed to finish this?

  8. twowords_number

    Why do people always see these and ask “wat do????”. It’s not an AR or AK, there aren’t hundreds of PPSH-41 kit builders across the country, there’s like two. They aren’t cheap, and require a shop full of tools and knowledge to convert and build these into legal, functional firearms.

  9. PissShiverss

    Ohhhh man my dream gun. Probably got Form 1 it though huh?

  10. dont_trust_kinderEGG

    I feel like there’s a joke about the wholesome award and the hole in the trunnion, but it’s not coming to me…

  11. lv_techs

    I swear these were on here 2-3 weeks ago for sub-$400 and they weren’t moving..

  12. Limp-Quail

    Does it fire?

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  14. DanLewisFW

    Why does this have to come up right after I spent a couple of grand on guns and gun parts!

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