[Parts] RTG HK33/HK53 Flats Finally in Stock – $129.95 + Ship

[Parts] RTG HK33/HK53 Flats Finally in Stock – $129.95 + Ship


[Parts] RTG HK33/HK53 Flats Finally in Stock – $129.95 + Ship

8 reviews for [Parts] RTG HK33/HK53 Flats Finally in Stock – $129.95 + Ship

  1. kf4zht

    Been waiting 2 years for these to be in stock. WHen I got the notification it showed 34 in stock with 372 people on the notification. May go quick

    Also available with weldments 169.95 – [https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/HK93-HK33-RECEIVER-FLAT-WITH-WELD-KIT-106p2201.htm](https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/HK93-HK33-RECEIVER-FLAT-WITH-WELD-KIT-106p2201.htm)


    What do I need to build this:

    Parts – Typically parts kit, barrel if the parts kit was cut, 922R parts (for rifles), either a clipped and pinned pack or convert one yourself

    Tools (minimum) – Press to bend, Jig (can be done with unistrut), Welder (TIG recommended), basic hand tools, rotary tool.

  2. KFC-Combo-Sauce

    Where can I find a hk33 kit?

  3. ketchup308

    Only bother if you have extra money and time to wait for the kits.

  4. GarlicFartz

    Any outfits who will assemble parts for you?

  5. jdbman

    Can anyone remind me the difference between them and the cetme c flats? And when will the c flats be in stock?

  6. Fuzzyg00se

    I definitely don’t need this, but lack of receivers is what kept me from buying a parts kit.

    Don’t tell my wife

  7. BuickturboV6

    Apparently, I’m building a HK53 now

  8. Slayersaurus-rex

    If only someone would figure out how to mod a CETME-C carrier to run 5.56 with an hk93 bolt head.

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