[PARTS] RTB Dedicated 4.5” barrel and bolt w/3 mags. $255 +sh

[PARTS] RTB Dedicated 4.5” barrel and bolt w/3 mags. $255 +sh


[PARTS] RTB Dedicated 4.5” barrel and bolt w/3 mags. $255 +sh

16 reviews for [PARTS] RTB Dedicated 4.5” barrel and bolt w/3 mags. $255 +sh

  1. blunt-drunk

    Welp! Out of stock already

  2. LaRoux4

    The 4.5” barrel is nice if you plan to shoot suppressed. Even the high velocity stuff stays subsonic out of this barrel length.

  3. blunt-drunk

    Head over to r/ar22 with your builds!

  4. sddds13

    More of an in stock alert but finally able to snag one. Says out of stock in some pages and in stock in others, was able to add to card and check out.

  5. stickjr25

    Anyone know where there is just the collar in stock? Already have this barrel and carrier group. Just need the collar for a dedicated setup.

  6. RagnarShootShoot

    Makes me quite angry I back ordered one of these 4+ months ago from CMMG and still no notification they’re shipping soon or anything, but I have seen multiple go on sale from other retailers.

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  8. Econolife_350

    9″ barrel kit wen?

  9. cdillon42

    Of course it’s in stock when the coupon code doesn’t work

  10. ATK42

    RTB is awesome that is all

  11. Myzz11b

    OOS 🙁

  12. Sure-Crazy3212


  13. NeopolitanLol


  14. dirtyboots702

    *screams to the gods*

  15. Jim_Jabroni

    Smoking deal. Congrats to those that were able to snag one.

  16. Acceptable_North_117

    What kind of sauce cups could you use with the 22lr ? Should I grab a conversion kit for my ar or should I just buy a dedicated 22

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