[PARTS] RT15-POLY-CL-A RT15 Poly Complete Lower Receiver $99.99

[PARTS] RT15-POLY-CL-A RT15 Poly Complete Lower Receiver $99.99


[PARTS] RT15-POLY-CL-A RT15 Poly Complete Lower Receiver $99.99

6 reviews for [PARTS] RT15-POLY-CL-A RT15 Poly Complete Lower Receiver $99.99

  1. 5PointsVs56

    This is not the polymer lower your looking for./s

    Try this one it at least shouldn’t fail after 500-1000 rounds:
    [KP-15 Lower](https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/lower-receivers/ar-15-kp-15-stripped-lower-receivers-polymer-prod132660.aspx)

  2. cakan4444

    I’d avoid this and get a KP15 if you’re looking for a not piece of shit lightweight polymer lower. This also has a polymer trigger, just god no, the ar15 milspec trigger isn’t really made to be 1:1 with a plastic material.

    This lower has the failure point at the buffer tube tower because it’s trying to 1:1 an aluminum receiver. The KP15 solves that by increasing the size of that area and using HK style pins.

  3. don2171

    How about grabbing a metal lower for about 1 cent more from combat armory so you don’t accidentally snap your buffer tube off and beam the bcg in your shoulder

  4. Grunt11B101

    Don’t do it the KE arms polymer is solid. Have about 500 through it and hung from it in full plate carrier from my kids jungle gym. Yea, it held.

  5. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    Dat wonky trigger guard doe

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