[PARTS] Rearden 2-Port Brake $63

[PARTS] Rearden 2-Port Brake $63


[PARTS] Rearden 2-Port Brake $63

13 reviews for [PARTS] Rearden 2-Port Brake $63

  1. Mrwetwork

    This will not fit trash panda or any other Q suppressors. Will fit form 1 cans and any cans with ASR threads and our Atlas XL which is dropping in two weeks.

    Delta Variant is a limited run variant of the DPB / DPB(HT). The front prongs are rotated 180° giving the front profile the shape to our delta logo. This might be the one Delta Variant you want to pick up this summer.

    17-4 PH H900

    Plan B Compatible

    Atlas XL or Custom Form 1 Can required

    Plan B Adapter Overrun approximately 1.330″

    1/2-28 Threads .280 Bore

    5/8-24 Threads .375 Bore

    H900 Wheat Finish

    Shims Included

    2.365″ Total Length

  2. HansohnBrothers


  3. BestIndian247

    Love your stuff… have multiple setups with your brakes and flash hiders. These guys are GTG!

  4. Nik_Bad

    Just got an atlas from you; stoked! And chance you have a 5/8xwhatever 9mm muzzle device? Something super minimalist as it’s going on my Henry.

  5. slayerclub

    $10 shipping for a brake? Nah bruh

  6. jcarver1112

    Still waiting on a raw stainless version 🙂

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  8. sween_89

    If you swap out the internals for the XL version .. how is the lockup with the original cherry bombs?

    I own a omega 300 + turbo k + trash panda > all running plan B’s + cherry bombs. This would fill a void i’ve been looking for shorter barrel rifles .. but i want to be able to swap cans around without issue (respective to caliber of course).

  9. Spawn_Beacon

    What is the diameter of the taper/thickest portion of the muzzle device? Any idea if it will allow removal of the BRN 180 handguard? I measured clearance right around 0.98″


    How would this do on a scar 17?

  11. Spawn_Beacon

    Real talk, is the q mount solid? Assuming you mount with rocksette and torqued 30lb, don’t purposely abuse it and wipe with threads with a rag every 300 rounds or so would you guys trust your life to it? Any chance of banging the threads something?

  12. [deleted]


  13. Baconcandy000

    The .375 bore is for 308 and up right?

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