[Parts] Ratworx Hybrid Bolt for Steyr AUG 125$+S&H

[Parts] Ratworx Hybrid Bolt for Steyr AUG 125$+S&H


[Parts] Ratworx Hybrid Bolt for Steyr AUG 125$+S&H

6 reviews for [Parts] Ratworx Hybrid Bolt for Steyr AUG 125$+S&H

  1. LowValueAviator

    Loves steel case? My AUG won’t run steel case at all – stuck case every other shot. Does this fix it?

  2. Delta_Nemesis

    Hey everyone, the guys over at Ratworx have both right hand and left hand hybrid bolts for AUGs. MSAR bolts also appear to be available.

    Parts are rather difficult to get for the AUG at this time, and the Ratworx bolts make it a bit easier to keep them running seeing as you can use AR small parts like extractors and ejectors in lieu of Steyr parts.

    AUG parts are usually plenty durable, but you never know if Murphy is gonna show his ugly face.

  3. Complex_5380

    Anyone know more about these? The details on their site are pretty thin. Any idea what steel they are made from? C158? 9310? Or if they’re shot peened, high pressure tested, and magnetic particle inspected? Basically all the things I’d want to know for a quality AR bolt.

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  5. iLuvstockglocksights

    This is a cool product

  6. tailgateparty

    Are Steyr bolts that bad that you need to replace them ?

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