[PARTS] Rarebreed trigger FRT-15 $380

[PARTS] Rarebreed trigger FRT-15 $380


[PARTS] Rarebreed trigger FRT-15 $380

40 reviews for [PARTS] Rarebreed trigger FRT-15 $380

  1. Evening-Office-4490

    I wave these “in stock” alerts in front of my dog any time she misbehaves and it gets her in line real quick.

  2. goblomi

    My dog is 15, arthritic and in early stage liver failure. I’m pretty sure this is his last trip around the sun anyway.

  3. Proto-type100

    Will wait for the A3 model since it’ll have the 3 position.

  4. TheRealBingly


  5. gvmelbrtyordth

    Put you’re money where your mouth is, I just bought one for the same reason I bought Gamestop. If it is thrown away so be it, I just donated to the legal defense fund.

  6. Spbladermaker

    “Leaked documents” have never before been used in a psyop. 😑

  7. GNUtoReddit

    Who’s going to do it?.. brought popcorn as well 😉

  8. BennyDR

    I want this but don’t want a repeat of the time I bought a land mine I saw on this sub.

    RIP Scooby

  9. uhkayus

    Get em while they’re hot. I’m just here for that banter.

  10. FooFIer


  11. JustHereForTheGuns

    Tomorrow’s gon be interesting

  12. auroralikeborealis

  13. bigd081285

    If you want one of these get it now. A local shop by me was just raided by the atf and they took about 8k worth of rare breed triggers they had with a warrant. They are part of a ffl legal group and their lawyers took it to a judge immediately and they threw it out because it’s a federal warrant

  14. filtercubed

    The dates in the letter don’t even make sense “COB Monday 1/26/22” or “OCT 1 2022 to Present” s

  15. Shady14

    Can I get one for my mp5? Frt pls

  16. elias1035

    If they’re going to be found illegal I’d rather just have the real thing. The whole point of this is that it’s legal

  17. angryfrog2426

    Lots of people scared of the ATF here lol. They literally classified shoestrings as machine guns, do you really think they’d stop there? Fuck em.

  18. sickels61

    It is frightening the number of people on here that took that letter as fact….

  19. mjisdagoat23


  20. JMCrosschop

    Who’s gonna bring up the latest news…

  21. [deleted]


  22. 3pinephrine

    Trying to clear inventory?

  23. [deleted]


  24. snarkycouple

    For that money it had better make me Carlos Hathcock.

  25. aznazguy


    *looks at my dog*

    I’m sorry little one

  27. M16iata

    Gimme the 3 position one

  28. redditdave2018

    needs to be under 100$ for people to roll the dice.

  29. superkuper

    AFT is moving on these and openly considering confiscation, so you almost have a duty to buy one

  30. DisbandTheATF

    Did they fix that spring issue?

  31. InternetExploder87

    How is that trigger? Pull and break wise. Compared to something like a geiselle?

  32. Yewtfmcd



    I don’t need a 400$ 2 position trigger, now a 3 position trigger certainly does tickle the nuts a little.

    I also don’t want to blow 400$ on something that might get confiscated, would be cool if I could throw em a 100$ or something to reserve a 3 position trigger.

  34. deerarereallycool

    this comment section is full of beta males smh

  35. TheDarkRider

    Come with free ATF visit

  36. AngerSound

    Yeeaaahhh…. I don’t need alphabet soup pooling in my lawn.

  37. BillytheYid

    Lol watch yo puppies bois

  38. [deleted]


  39. Temporary_Annual_986

    Way to do it is buy one of these cash at a gun show b

  40. ataz0th218

    😂 oh lord

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