[Parts] Rare Breed Triggers FRT – 15 ($380)

[Parts] Rare Breed Triggers FRT – 15 ($380)


[Parts] Rare Breed Triggers FRT – 15 ($380)

29 reviews for [Parts] Rare Breed Triggers FRT – 15 ($380)

  1. ak_collectors_source

    B E C O M E

    U N G O V E R N A B L E

  2. superkuper

    How well do these run with .22 conversions?

  3. SneakStock

    I wanna buy this in cash somewhere. Yeah yeah they can say all they want they wont dish out whos bought one. Bullshit if its court ordered

  4. FarmerLurtz

    I really want one only to support them

  5. das_boost

    Florida: *bans binary triggers*

    Rare Breed: suck it.

  6. Puzzled-Computer158

    Glad to see they’re back in stock. Were out of stock either yesterday or the day before.

  7. inlinefourpower

    What’s the best place to follow legal updates on this one

  8. WiseDirt

    Wtf?? Why’d they disable the BTC payment option? *Gggaaaaaahhhhhhhh I’ve been waiting for a restock with coin in my wallet and ready to go for two weeks now*

  9. Mamono29a

    Can these be used with a PCC, specifically the Aero EPC-9 platform?

  10. dnakee

    I just want to know when they’re going to come out with the frt-10 for the ar10 and the frt-9 for the ar9, they said they are in development.

  11. lil_johnny_cake

    Evidentiary hearing on the 4th must have gone well…

  12. Hidden187

    So does or does it not ship to California

  13. AZflipboi

    There is a guy local to me selling one, and a couple others in town through a “lost/found” group – for those looking to pay cash, it’s the way – but not for $500🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. MagWasTaken

    Just remember, if anyone (the ATF) asks, it broke in shipping, you threw it away, and were too lazy to get a refund.

  15. OnYourSide

    Anybody had any first hand experience with this in a Sig MPX/MCX platform?

  16. iamrt85

    I’m guessing this means that they were granted their injunctive relief Monday?

  17. Wldz_

    A sad day to live in CA

  18. Adseg5

    Can these please just ship to all 50 for more like $150? Lol I know, too much to ask.

  19. ReigningBrass

    Bot OOS

  20. mrwallstreetbets96

    Do I need more… if they could JUST make them able to change between single pull and forced reset mode I would literally never STOP buying them.

  21. prose-yose

    Will I go to jail if I buy this?


    no balls

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  24. uncleacidsdeadbeat

    Aaaaand OOS

    Goddammit lol. Getting these directly from Rare Breed is not easy, did anyone here actually buy one

  25. Anonymous8630

    This or WOT for better trigger not considering funding lawyers?

  26. djchristyle

    Has anyone tried this with a DD M4A1?

  27. Dualincomelargedog

    Nice try alphabet man

  28. mPisi

    Briefly available this morning again.

  29. Kpkimmel

    AFT enters chat*****

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