[PARTS] Rare Breed Trigger: FRT-15 (IN-STOCK) $380

[PARTS] Rare Breed Trigger: FRT-15 (IN-STOCK) $380


[PARTS] Rare Breed Trigger: FRT-15 (IN-STOCK) $380

25 reviews for [PARTS] Rare Breed Trigger: FRT-15 (IN-STOCK) $380

  1. KashEDC

    Heard Rare breed is working on FRTs for AKs. Game over…

  2. ShermansMatchbook

    Their shipping department: *Man who knew Rusty Shackleford was such a common name?*

  3. fuzznugget20

    Had it loved it sold it at the range cash 700

  4. DerKrieger105

    How much danger are my chinchillas in if I buy this?

  5. throwitsway836155

    I want one strictly just to put it on a short barrel AR15 and bring it to the nearest “no rapid fire” fud range with a drum mag. The look on their faces when I mag dump into the paper as they scramble to ban me from the range for life would be worth the cost and ATF kicking down my door.

  6. Encumbered_Bumbler

    Only one of these I ever found in a storefront the guy wanted $650 for just the drop-in trigger.

    Still briefly considered it for the cash only anonymity

  7. stumpy1218

    I just wish it had 3 position safety

  8. ab14d94

    I’d be in for one immediately if they shipped to Washington. Seems weird to me that they would challenge the ATF but not the “grey area” Washington laws. One fight at a time I suppose.

  9. ArcticRiot

    So does anyone own one of these?

  10. princeoinkins

    would this work on an M&P 15/22? I’ve only seen them used on 5.56/.223

  11. jaykaypeeness

    When is someone here who doesn’t have a dog going to do us all a solid and make a group buy?

  12. bigfoot_76

    Still waiting for the Monero payment option and a shipping option that involves them sending them USPS retail with a cash payment…

  13. TheDeltaFlight

    What’s the verdict on these? I know they aren’t banned at the moment, but are they still challenging the ATF or is that pretty much over with?

  14. MrT0xic

    Im thinking about getting one and I dont even have an AR. I just want what the ATF says I cant have

  15. RCs_good_Drugs_bad

    Fuck my dog. In for 7!

  16. cdillon42

    man i really want one for my ar22

  17. inlinefourpower

    Anyone have any idea how many of these they’ve sold? I’m curious how big of a herd a purchase would be able to blend into. Has to be smaller than the brace herd, right?

  18. desuemery

    Anybody know if this works on a PWS MK116 pro? Does PWS even offer full auto BCG’s?

  19. LtPatterson


  20. Mulletsrule

    Didn’t they not follow up on the lawsuit against the ATF and basically say it should be legal? What’s the status on it.

  21. shojus

    EDITED on 8:58pm EST: It appears Rare Breed has NOT been raided!


  22. Caligula92

    Based and lawsuit pilled

  23. Caligula92

    For those on the fence, I own two. They are legit with a few caveats that most people reading this can understand and fix.

    Some guns these drop right in and cycle fast no issue. Some guns you need to adjust your buffer weight. Some guns you may need to adjust your buffer weight and spring type. Some guns you may have gas port issues that are too wide or too small or a combination of all the above.

    Just keep in mind that you may need to tune your rifle to this trigger to find an ideal ROF or reliability.

  24. Limp-Quail

    They lose the first lawsuit but $300 is well spent just for “ I got visited by atf video”.

  25. Kpkimmel

    Isn’t the Graves the better trigger?

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