[Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock

[Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock

(18 customer reviews)


[Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock

18 reviews for [Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock


    Got one about a month ago and it’s been fantastic. I have blew through 1.5k rounds and no issues at all. I know people in the past have said there are problems that require fixes but that is no longer the case. Pasted below is an email I received from rarebreed CS confirming so.

    Hi SPC Snuffy,

    I’m sorry for the delayed response. We made an inline change on 3/1 to address the issue that some people were having with their locking bar springs kinking. The modification in triggers shipping since then (including yours) is a very small bevel in the housing where the locking bar spring fits into the housing. The bevel creates more space for the spring to fit into the housing without having a kinking problem. The modified locking bar is the solution for people who purchased their trigger prior to the 3/1 housing mod. It wouldn’t hurt to put a modified locking bar into a modified trigger, but it isn’t necessary.

    Thanks for reaching out, and most of all, thank you for your support!


  2. Deadpan9

    I mean, I would buy one if they weren’t overpriced and I trusted them to burn their books if/when some stupid law gets put into effect.

  3. rimjob_becky

    So my sweet girl is getting up there in age. Took her to the vet and they said her kidneys are starting to fail and they suggested putting her down. But they wanted to charge $600! Insanity.

    Would purchasing one of these work instead? I know the ATF is reliable, but how quick do they operate? Do you think they’d arrive by noon the next day to kick down the door and do their thing? I can’t stand to see my poor dog in pain for much longer.

  4. butidontwanttoforum

    With so many afraid to purchase on the books I should go all in and buy a shitload and a gunshow table.

    Triggers aren’t guns, no need to fear the ATF. Only the IRS…

  5. Contortrix69


  6. prollysuspended

    Trigger works great. I put 15k rounds through one (enterprise).

  7. Deadpan9


  8. litegreen666

    Did the AFT address this trigger in some way recently? Not sure what’s up with all the popcorn I’m out of the loop.

  9. gayhipster980

    Anyone know the best way to buy these locally? I’m in Texas but don’t want to drive all the way to a gun show if there’s only a slim chance of finding any. Closest thing to me on Armslist is way out in bumfuck East Texas. Are there other sites/resources to buy and sell locally?

  10. Jaruut

    Thanks for the notification email, rare breed. Oh wait a minute, I DIDN’T GET ONE. All I wanted was to drop this into my pistol with muzzle brake and dump 60 round drums at the range. Is that too much to ask?

    I’m not worried about the Campbell’s Commandos because my dog is so hyper he’s invisible to the naked eye.

  11. cdillon42

    Sorry i love my doggos

  12. prollysuspended


  13. derfdog

    Hello, and welcome to Rarebreed- our links look Sketchy, and we have terrible customer service. Also we like to bend you over with shipping costs.

  14. GrandCowboy

    My obligatory, F$&@ Rare Breed and can stuff that trigger up their a$$. Corrupt a$$ MFers.

  15. cz97

    shady link? the main site is oos but this link is in stock

  16. chenjd2

    FYI all while i did have to make modifications to the buffer spring/buffer weights and tried different BCGs to get this working, it runs great. However, please be wary, I had 2 ATF agents visit my home to inspect the gun/trigger

  17. ZeroTwo3

    Oof. I want to throw one of these in a M231 clone build, but the only guy I can find with a complete one hasn’t been active in a month. Considering jumping the gun and grabbing this preemptively.

  18. Robert

    Just picked up one the other day. Not bad at all

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