[Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock

[Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock


[Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock

16 reviews for [Parts] Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 $380 in stock

  1. HumanTardigrade

    Great fun. Good middle finger to the AFT. Impress your friends and piss off fudds.

    I’ve put several thousand rounds through mine.

  2. Dafayceee

    Looking rare and breedable today

  3. jl56288

    Ratatatatatatatatatat…. And my CA 10rd legal magazine is done

  4. HKNation

    I’ve tried googling. Anyone try one of these in a Tippmann Arms M4-22?? There’s video of a full auto m4-22 but not sure if the semi has the same bolt carrier.

  5. RedHotStratocaster

    Yes, it’s been fixed and it’s a lot of fun! And yes, your dog will be nervous!

  6. Just_A_Little_ThRAWy

    After seeing the guys over at r/fosscad design one and additive manufacture one…i can’t imagine spending 400 bucks on one.

  7. LxnsIX

    Does anyone know where they sell doggy plate carriers?

  8. OfficialHavik

    Press F to pay respects for your doggo.


  9. bigfoot_76

    Hoping to find one local for a cash transaction. With all of the AFT bullshit I can’t believe they’ve not came running after these yet.

  10. brianesee

    Always get tempted whenever I see these get posted, but man is it worth losing my dog…

  11. jkaiser10

    I’m sure it’s been asked but would this work with a 22 conversion?

  12. wavydavy101

    Throwback to when these were like 150

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  14. myturn19

    bot oos

  15. mehoff88

    Such an awesome time shooting(minus the ammo cost) once I got it dialed in. Wish I had the mula to buy 10 more before they are made illegal.

  16. Woo_banger

    Whys this link seem sketch? Look at the url vs the actual website product url. Doesnt make sense to me, and for that reason im out.

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