[parts] rare breed frt-15 trigger – $380

[parts] rare breed frt-15 trigger – $380


[parts] rare breed frt-15 trigger – $380

15 reviews for [parts] rare breed frt-15 trigger – $380

  1. Gravyboat6969

    My lgs is selling one of these used for 600 bones

  2. Jaruut

    Dropped one of these into my pistol with muzzle brake. Dumped 3 mags through it, and it was probably the most fun I’ve had with an AR in a long time.

  3. averagedadarms


  4. MP5SD5

    Who else cannot wait for the day soon when the country music awards gives “they showt ma dog” song of the year?

  5. Proto-type100

    As shitty as they’ve been with the whole trigger fix issues these are so much fun when you get it dailed in. Quickest and funnest way I’ve burned a whole in my wallet. 🥲

  6. kruptcyx

    So fkin fun.

  7. Ok_Understanding1612

    yeet. send it

  8. radman180

    I’ve been waiting for months for this to come back in stock! I owe you a hug, OP!

    Jeeze, sorry I haven’t been getting the in stock notification emails. I’m sorry for getting excited.

  9. SuperSchmyd

    These work with cmmg bravo 22lr bolts without sear kit?

  10. moromane1992

    I had one didn’t care for it, couldn’t tune it properly. It would function but never got a full mag dump only 5-20 rounds then I would have to charge the handle and eject a live round to reset.

  11. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    I want one of these so damn bad but you know the ATF is gonna catch wind sooner or later and they’ve proven they’ll track people down now.

  12. rubyfroom

    Why is it amazing?

  13. WashCaps95

    Does this have 3 settings like the binary trigger ?

  14. CraaZero

    Nah, I’ll stick with binaries

  15. hdmibunny

    Oos fam

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