[Parts] Rare Breed FRT-15 Drop-in Trigger – $380 + shipping (in-stock)

[Parts] Rare Breed FRT-15 Drop-in Trigger – $380 + shipping (in-stock)


[Parts] Rare Breed FRT-15 Drop-in Trigger – $380 + shipping (in-stock)

22 reviews for [Parts] Rare Breed FRT-15 Drop-in Trigger – $380 + shipping (in-stock)

  1. Count_Warheit

    Wait just a damn minute here. They are charging me $22 for shipping a small little trigger group. Wtf.

  2. mehoff88

    Installed mine a couple weeks ago with a heavy buffer. It works for me about 60% of the time.

  3. Peptowl

    It’s not a bad trigger but you really need to have an H2 or H3 buffer and consider a Geissele Super 42 spring. It’s not as simple as just throwing it in the gun most the time and you will have light strikes from bolt bounce. When I fire it I don’t even notice the action of the trigger resetting and it seems to just be brrrrrrrr. It’s like firing a machine gun for way less.

  4. officerbuffalo

    “Look what they need to minic a fraction of our power!”

    [Bendy Coat Hanger Boi]

  5. dsg85gt

    This is something I would rather buy cash at a gun show than buy online for animal safety concerns

  6. juggernaut1026

    No shipping to NY

  7. Grand_Cookie

    I want one, but not $400 want one. Plus they seem like they’ve been kinda douchey about their reliability issues.

  8. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    It blows my mind that these haven’t been targeted yet.

    I want one so bad but I know that the minute I order it, the AFT will issue a statement saying they are illegal or some shit.

  9. bro_can_u_even_carve

    Tempting, but …

    > [
    ​This trigger in its current configuration should never be used for any defensive weapon or in any capacity which someone’s life may be on the line. This trigger is 100% a novelty. It is fun to shoot when it is working. The number of different reliability issues incurred while testing this trigger were varied and occurred regularly.](https://www.sierra12.com/blog/rare-breed-trigger-evaluation)

    I mean, I wanna go brrr as much as anyone, but not like this.

  10. cz97

    *uses grandmas address* ATF wont shoot my Grams, right?

  11. renegadeGDI

    I emailed this company asking if I could pick one up for cash from their HQ in Orlando but they said they don’t keep stock there. :/

  12. platapus112

    Why buy one when you can print one

  13. HellaciousFellatio

    I’ve always wanted to spend $400 on a dogshit trigger.

  14. ayyimback

    does this thing have a safe/semi/binary set of selections? i never see anyone shoot it outsite of the fun mode

  15. Ded_man_3112

    Just installed this tonight for a buddy’s build. He likes to give me shit for buying top tier rifles and components, but here I am looking at a $400 trigger in a poverty pony lower. It’s funny how we all see the worth in things differently from each other.

    What’s even more funny is he asked me not to stake the castlenut in case he may want to switch out to something else. Eff you bro, you’ll have stake and like it. [Have some stake](https://imgur.com/a/ACJB92N)

  16. waynestylzz

    Anyone trying to get one of these behind enemy lines?

  17. Go_For_Broke442

    if no shipping to my state despite their legality, you can suck my titties

  18. EatMyPoopies

    So these are probably better to get vs a bfs3 trigger then?

  19. EAsucks4324

    Not getting one until there’s a version with safe-semi-forced reset semi

    Just safe-forced reset isn’t really beneficial

  20. turbo_beef_injection

    Hurry up with the AR-10 trigger!

  21. julianx121

    Kinda weird that this link lets me go all the way to credit card info payment but the actual rare breed website is out of stock and won’t even let me add it to the cart

  22. ColtHand

    J A I L B A I T

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