[Parts] Radian AXTS AX556 Lower Receiver (Radian Black) $429.95

[Parts] Radian AXTS AX556 Lower Receiver (Radian Black) $429.95


[Parts] Radian AXTS AX556 Lower Receiver (Radian Black) $429.95

16 reviews for [Parts] Radian AXTS AX556 Lower Receiver (Radian Black) $429.95

  1. derfdog

    One day this will be mine. Today I must be responsible with my wallet

  2. Just_Glassing

    I finally got one a few weeks ago and it still makes my peepee hard.

  3. dreamsushi

    class warfare in the comments lmao

  4. dreamsushi

    Happened to refresh this morning and was able to snag one, in case anyone else has been looking.

  5. AACwylde

    10 month into my ODG mod one wait. Thx radian y’all really care

  6. Unusual_Creature

    You win r/gundeals, I finally caved and got one.

  7. akathedevil666

    I know they are nice but not $430 nice. Come on.

  8. thornkin

    This is pricey, but maybe not as much of a stretch over the ADM as it looks at first sight. This ships for free and ADM is like $25. This has the Talon safety which would be $50 otherwise (and is very much worth it). This also has the Radian takedown pins which are about $30. That makes this about the same price as the ADM blem’s and a little cheaper than the ADM non-blem models, assuming you want both talon and pins.

  9. SIRT1

    Would have bought if any non-black color was in stock

  10. hitemlow

    Why is such an expensive lower not M16 cut? They can’t hand-waive that away as “cost-saving measures” when the damn thing is over $400.

  11. ahunt037

    Why should I pay this much for a lower, serious question. I wanna know why it’s better.

  12. caspertheghost211

    Cries as I wait for my adm

  13. sbcns

    ADM is still.🙈

  14. dreamsushi

    Bot oos

  15. Screwedstonian

    Tempting but the Larue billet lower is less than half the price of this…

  16. 86gwrhino

    watch out, if you have any QC issues with it they wont fix it since “qc would’ve caught that”

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