[Parts] – Radian Ambi Safety Selector (2 Lever) – Black- $39.95

[Parts] – Radian Ambi Safety Selector (2 Lever) – Black- $39.95


[Parts] – Radian Ambi Safety Selector (2 Lever) – Black- $39.95

14 reviews for [Parts] – Radian Ambi Safety Selector (2 Lever) – Black- $39.95

  1. JethroFire

    Tempting. I’m going to step away until I’ve had another beer or two. If they’re still here I’ll probably do it….

  2. Happy_Dragonfruit320

    Would this be suitable for an ADM UIC stripped lower?

  3. ReleaseAKraken

    $48.49 with optional .99 cent shipping insurance and lowest cost $4.80 USPS shipping plus tax.

  4. Jlos_acting_career

    I… I just want OD, why every color but OD?

  5. Teddyturntup

    Not buying shit from somewhere that acts like buyer is responsible for shipping insurance

    Having had gun stuff go missing this year in a ups warehouse I’m not interested in that shit show

  6. SpaceyKC92

    Why no FDE

  7. maxout2142

    Id highly recommend the Aim Surplus models if you’re looking for a 45* throw at this price range.

  8. Just_A_Little_ThRAWy

    Fuuuccccckkk I just bought one from JoeBobOutfitters the other day for 50…

  9. BlastingMolasses

    Thanks OP grabbed a few

  10. txwhistler

    Good price, but seems odd they would charge tax to Texas.

  11. GetRDone96

    Damn this sub

  12. Tha-Mobb

    Damn that is a good price. Trying to find a tungsten

  13. apexian32

    Great price

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