[Parts] Radian 4th of July Limited Edition Raptor – $179.95

[Parts] Radian 4th of July Limited Edition Raptor – $179.95


[Parts] Radian 4th of July Limited Edition Raptor – $179.95

27 reviews for [Parts] Radian 4th of July Limited Edition Raptor – $179.95

  1. RGavial

    Does the engraving protect you from being posted on “the sub that shall not be named” when you put up a picture?

  2. cdillon42

    why can’t they just charge $125… at this price it’s just too expensive

  3. schorched73

    Are they stuck on stupid with that price or am I just getting old and cheap?

  4. Secret-Chocolate-448

    I want one. Make some more, Radian.

  5. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * As per Radian’s website: *All sales from this Raptor will be donated to the FPC because we believe in freedom; we believe in the second amendment.*

  6. panda1876

    Fuck this noise. At least package it with a red mag release and skeletonized grip for the full effect

  7. Screwedstonian

    Thanks for representing your company with class Zac and taking the time to deal with the criticism fairly. Not many manufacturers even make an effort.

  8. DeceasedRichEvans

    This is so straight it rounded the curve and is now gay

  9. [deleted]


  10. BigSinLV

    So.. We still can’t laser engrave these, right?

  11. Roundr-Inc

    I want to get my hands on the 2019 Veterans Day one to match my rifle build.

  12. governman

    People are complaining but especially as a “100% charity” item, I don’t mind the idea of a more rare and more expensive novelty item. It’s not like it’s harming anyone to not be able to afford this.

  13. RodgerTibbs

  14. G0rfz

    Bot oos

  15. juicemang762

    Sold out 🙁

  16. tommyle05

    FUCK, this is where I throw my money away. I could buy two handles for this price but…. this is so cool.

  17. qballis

    Wtf no

  18. Screwedstonian

    Got one. My Radian lower is out for delivery today as well (9 days free shipping). Gucci boys

  19. Arctic_Nights

    OOS now

  20. Faded_Komplex


  21. Lasttofail

    I kinda wanna buy this and send it to TamFam to get that topography etching. Lmao cause why not.

  22. StateRED5

    Will there be another release?

  23. radar371

    Anyone get an extra or have any older versions F/S?

  24. phatdoughnut

    I got one! I Always support them! Home grown Oregon and they always put their money with their mouth is. Is that how the saying goes?

  25. CorsairObsidian

    Are these going to come back in stock?

  26. mrbuffhead1

    Darn it I miss it

  27. The_Nekrodahmus

    Damn and I wanted these for a budget build too.

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