[PARTS] Quietbore 22LR Form 1 Kit $100

[PARTS] Quietbore 22LR Form 1 Kit $100


[PARTS] Quietbore 22LR Form 1 Kit $100

14 reviews for [PARTS] Quietbore 22LR Form 1 Kit $100

  1. daeedorian

    I wish they offered a Ti tube 9mm.

  2. killgore755

    Do I need to have a form 1 ready for them to ship? Or can I just order and file later?

  3. SybianMobileDisco

    Just in case anyone was wondering, these are great in Ti. Suppressed .22 is my favorite way to introduce people who have never shot to shooting.

  4. AAA_Game

    Quietbore are ATF simps, would not support them

  5. Chase43099

    time to find out if they’ll accept my sot as a submitted form 1

  6. superkuper

    Can someone ELI5 the Form 1 process for this specifically? I mean really walk me through it like I have brain damage.

  7. ShadeTreeWrench

    I literally bought this last week at full price… enjoy

  8. immortan_jared

    Damnit I was going to buy a pistol this weekend!

  9. superkuper

    Anyone else getting a 502 error?

  10. whoNeedsPavedRoads

    You need form 1 approval and they engrave the tube before shipping.

    Even if you bought just a tube it has to be engraved per form 1

  11. Corey307

    So do you need a drill press to complete one of these?

  12. ProvolonePizza

    So the only way I can take advantage of this deal is if I happened to have an approved form 1 already. What’s the point in running the special .

  13. Contortrix69

    How bad of an idea is it to put 556 through a can like this? I did a form 1 Ti can for 22 plinking and I drilled the holes a little on the large side. My baffles are stainless. R.I.P. Diversified Machine.

  14. Edwardteech

    These look like the same kits you get on dhgate for 10 bucks per.

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