[Parts] Q Shorty Stock (Honey Badger Stock for AR platforms) – $245.00

[Parts] Q Shorty Stock (Honey Badger Stock for AR platforms) – $245.00


[Parts] Q Shorty Stock (Honey Badger Stock for AR platforms) – $245.00

14 reviews for [Parts] Q Shorty Stock (Honey Badger Stock for AR platforms) – $245.00

  1. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * MSRP is $350
    * This is for the **gray** version. Want black? No problem, same price [here](https://shootingsurplus.com/q-shorty-stock-black/).
    * This is the Honey Badger style ***stock*** (not brace) for AR platforms.
    * This is Q branded (not SB like the brace)
    * Includes: stock, buffer, receiver extension, end plate, and spring.
    * Want to use this on your lil’ PCC? No problem, [9mm buffer available here](https://liveqordie.com/short-stock-9mm-buffer)

  2. emperor_xi_pooh

    gonna be honest- it looks great on the HB, looks like shit on a reg AR

  3. alienworker

    Is it spring loaded?

  4. BootySk8r

    With the stock extended will mortaring it break it?

  5. MoreIndica

    Alright, so I asked this question on the post when they were first dropped..maybe by now someone has had a chance to run this thing…

    How is the lockup? Does it have a wiggle to it or is it a solid feeling at full extension?

    How does it feel pulling this thing up and getting a quick cheek weld on it?

  6. Legitimate-Second-99

    Need to brace option in stock for this price… otherwise I’m just gonna sbr it

  7. aerozona_dude

    Not digging the color and price

  8. nixthewiz

    What’s the tan thing sticking out near the safety lever?

  9. HLYuall

    Whats the length of pull like on this?

  10. ThorryThori

    This looks a lot heaver than a regular stock

  11. GFZDW

    Anyone know if this works with an LMT MARS-L lower?

  12. DillIshOn

    Sba3 with carbine tube is 6.75″ collapsed.

    HBPDW/stock is 5.75″ collapsed. Is 1″ worth the money?

    These days you can get an sba3/4 for like what? 80-100$?

    Looks great but I can’t justify… If it was like 2″ that’s a different story.

  13. TheChance916

    Joke price.

  14. Meyer1999

    Dumb question but could this work on a scorpion? (With a adapter, of course)

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