[Parts] Q Cherry Bomb – $69.99 + tax/shipping

[Parts] Q Cherry Bomb – $69.99 + tax/shipping


[Parts] Q Cherry Bomb – $69.99 + tax/shipping

8 reviews for [Parts] Q Cherry Bomb – $69.99 + tax/shipping

  1. CopaceticGeek

    Cheaper at shootingsurplus.com, but never bought from them before.

  2. pCullenMurphy

    Shit muzzle device. Buy a Rearden SPB instead.

  3. Thomas_peck

    $70 for a mediocre devise that is popular from a company for really only one thing…which was over priced to begin with.

    Just buy a VG from Aero

  4. Sokmunky

    Does anyone have experience with this and plan b vs the hellfire mount system by area 419. Want to know what will be better for my nomad

  5. uscmarine

    No 223?

  6. whk1992

    Thinking about getting my first silencer. From what I gather online, KeyMo is better than the Plan B?

  7. NotoriousDVA

    At least the price is nice.

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