[Parts] PWS MK116 MOD1M upper – $899 shipped

[Parts] PWS MK116 MOD1M upper – $899 shipped


[Parts] PWS MK116 MOD1M upper – $899 shipped

9 reviews for [Parts] PWS MK116 MOD1M upper – $899 shipped

  1. Justanotherguy_-

    I stuck Precision Armament AFAB Hybrid Muzzle Brake and a A5H2 on mine and it’s the softest shooting AR I own. Also a huge PWS fan. Great company to buy from as well.

  2. commonsense-is-dead

    Purchased one a few months ago and it’s phenomenal. I also have a MK111 Pro that is my HD gun. PWS is the truth and Fortress has been great in my experience.

  3. SquatandPoot

    Ordered one. Excited to start my first nice AR build

  4. Richard-the-Large

    Waiting for an mk218 upper in .308… I think it’s going to be a while.

  5. PoseidonWave_

    Anyone seen a MOD2 upper recently? I’ve been sitting on my Ambi lower for too long

  6. corona_plus_lime

    Click the email for quote button to get price. It comes almost instantly.

    They also have the MK114 complete rifles for $1849 shipped: https://shop.fortresstactical.com/Primary-Weapons-MK114-MOD2-Rifle-223-Wylde-p/18-2m114ra1b.htm

  7. fstopbob

    These have been posted used for around a k. I didn’t expect these to stay in stock long. Thanks Mike!

  8. booger_hole

    Should I have bought this over the BCM upper I just bought?

  9. heyitsrjyo

    Just waiting on the 7.62

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