[Parts] PWS MK111 Mod2 7.62×39 $1299 Pre Orders

[Parts] PWS MK111 Mod2 7.62×39 $1299 Pre Orders


[Parts] PWS MK111 Mod2 7.62×39 $1299 Pre Orders

10 reviews for [Parts] PWS MK111 Mod2 7.62×39 $1299 Pre Orders

  1. turbo_vanner

    we have a PWS x39 at home

    PWS at home: an AK

  2. danklelock

    This or a Galil Ace?

  3. AcessFull

    I have one of these, it works great and even better suppressed with a Nomad.
    You’ll want c products mags and if shooting steel the wolf extra power hammer spring.

  4. TheRageDread

    $1300 WTF what a world

  5. Iglooooooooooo

    In for a MK107 pre-order

  6. accountithrewaway

    Fuhhh I just picked up an MK111 Mod 1-M upper in 556. Tbf it was $820 otd vs this but how much more fun is an AR-47?

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  8. TheOfficeSeason10

    More of an in stock notification but I can’t say enough good things about mine. Took forever to get one after I missed the last batch.

  9. bermudafire1

    Looks like they have all lengths available for preorder. The 11”or 7” for this caliber? Leaning toward 7.

  10. LotionOfMotion

    I should’ve sprung extra for a piston kit on my 5.45 AR

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