[Parts] PRS Lite available in Black/FDE $119.95 (in stock notification – finally)

[Parts] PRS Lite available in Black/FDE $119.95 (in stock notification – finally)


[Parts] PRS Lite available in Black/FDE $119.95 (in stock notification – finally)

14 reviews for [Parts] PRS Lite available in Black/FDE $119.95 (in stock notification – finally)

  1. Never_fucking_curses

    Been waiting for this but damn I gotta show some kind of restraint after the last 2 months of spending.

  2. w81clark

    These will NOT fit rifle length tubes right? Bummer if that’s the case, the previous PRS at least came with an adapter to allow use between rifle and carbine.

  3. castlerock611

    Been waiting FOREVER!!. Thanks OP👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  4. bourbon-and-bullets

    There was some reason I had talked myself out of wanting one of these but I can’t remember why.

  5. ZOMGBabyFoofs

    “Designed to military standards, the PRS Lite is intended for carbine/SR25/A5 extension tubes for .223 and .308 receiver-pattern rifles.” No rifle.

  6. keymodneverdies

    The wait on these was so long that I forgot about them. I do still want a K2 XL if those ever come out

  7. Jettyboy72

    Looks awesome for recce rifles. Tempted to toss it on my 14.5”. Wonder if it’ll work with the Law folder?

  8. Pm_me_things_name

    Difference between this and a normal prs?

  9. Cpt_Pimp

    FRICK dude I’ve been waiting so gosh darn long and I missed it! This is total bull spit.

  10. dontcare1685

    Maybe Optics Planet will fill my order … maybe

  11. 462someguy

    You Savages, I love it! only stinky brown left… not like my jp barrel from Feb will be here anytime soon anyway lol, glad these are here finallyish

  12. UgliestCookie

    Hell. Yes. I’ve been waiting forever for one of these. I needed FDE too, which is in stock.

    Now for the inevitable regret when I see it for $30 cheaper in a month.

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  14. elias1035

    Does that mean the k2 xl will be in stock soon :0

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